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The Finocchis are family travel specialists with years of experience in creating unforgettable vacations. They have extensive knowledge of the best theme park destinations from coast to coast, all inclusive beach resorts, and European cruises and tours.  They also specialize in multi-generational travel curating memorable vacations for large families traveling together.

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About Us

Michelle and Marco Finocchi Family with Stitch

The Italians say “Chi viaggia vive due volte” Life is a voyage! Those who travel live twice.

Our travel journeys both began over 4 decades ago with our extended families and close friends.  Interestingly, we were both on an airplane before we could walk!  Then 17 years ago we began traveling as our own family of 5 along with all of the family members and friends that wanted to join us.   Incredibly, almost 10 years ago we were blessed to begin planning travel for families across Canada.  With a lifetime of travel experiences under our belts, and with almost a decade of professional experience helping others, we truly understand the nuances and unique needs of families when they travel.

Like most families, one of us has always had a natural love of adventure, while the other is more cautious and curated a love of travel over time.  One of us loves a carefully designed plan and schedule, while the other jumps in blind with two feet and takes some detours along the way!  We provide the balance to one another, and hopefully a balance for your family too.  We know the unique needs of families traveling with babies through teenagers.  We have navigated traveling with severe food allergies, language barriers, large families, and even health challenges.  From those experiences, we draw on the good, the bad and the magical to help you make your own amazing memories with less stress, and more fun!

From providing information about the necessary gear and amenities to ensuring age-appropriate activities, we strive to take care of every detail to make your family vacation seamless and enjoyable, taking each family member into account. Whether you’re looking for a luxury beach escape, a fun-filled theme park adventure, or an educational cultural experience by way of cruising or guided tours across Europe we take on the details and stress of your planning, so that you can start making memories today.

We hope that your family will allow us to help you plan your life’s voyages soon!

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