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Stacey Lewis

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Stacey is an experienced traveller and theme park loving mom, who thinks it’s never too late to start living your magical dreams! Having planned and organized multiple vacations for her own family and friends, she’s passionate about assisting other families on their dream journey’s. Diagnosed with celiac disease in 2020, Stacey understands the importance of food allergies and being able to dine safely on your vacation.

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About Me

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I have been an avid traveller since I was a child. My mother was an event planner which has allowed me to visit many places at a young age, and instilled a love of all things travel in me. Aside from being a full time Disney family, we’ve also travelled to many all-inclusive resorts, on 30+ cruises, and my husband and I were even married in Las Vegas. We now live in London, Ontario with our two young boys and love making new vacation memories with them.

As a family we had visited Florida multiple times, however our lives were forever changed (for the better) in 2020 when we won a vacation contest to Walt Disney World! Having been recently diagnosed with celiac disease, I was so excited to dive into the world of gluten free dining at Disney. I was NOT disappointed. Among so many other things, the amazing allergy dining at Walt Disney World has become one of the top reasons that we keep going back for more. I deeply understand the importance of food allergies and being able to dine safely on your vacation.

Since our first big family vacation, we have travelled back to Orlando multiple times, always wanting to try new experiences and stay at new resorts. We’ve attended afterhours parties, holiday special events, and we’ve just returned from our first runDisney vacation. Our family is eager to experience all that Walt Disney World has to offer (we’ve even experienced Disney during a hurricane).

I believe every family has unique needs, and I’d love to work with you to craft your dream vacation!

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