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Kate Andrews

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As a mom of 3 and the oldest sister of 4; Kate has spent years perfecting her planning skills by planning everything from birthday parties to week long vacations for large groups.  Through personal experience with her son who has an intellectual disability Kate has navigated the experiences and challenges that require advanced planning.  She is excited to share her knowledge and travel passions with her clients to plan the most memorable trips.

Contact Kate at kate.a@playcationtravel.com

About Me

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I was an adult Walt Disney World First timer!  My father in law passed away and we decided a few months after that to take a family vacation.  The free Disney Dining plan offer was too good to miss and we booked our first family trip.  Cue 8 months of research and planning for the trip!  WOW!  After that trip I was hooked and I’m happy to share my research and insights with my clients.
I spent quite a bit of time learning about the Disability Access Service and became more interested in what is available from companies to accommodate my son’s special needs.  Our second to trip to Walt Disney World using the services available was much more comfortable and enjoyable for my son.  Seeing how they could make it magical for him made me love Disney even more (which is hard to believe because it was already pretty huge!).
I enjoy listening to podcasts, reading and watching updates about Disney to continue to learn the tips and tricks that make for a special vacation.  I am up to date on all of the latest Disney news and look forward to making sure you don’t miss any of the magic on your travels.
My family has been fortunate to have travel experiences including all inclusive beach vacations, weekend road trips to different locations in Ontario, Detroit, Quebec, and this year we will be doing our biggest trip yet to Australia and my third time to the breathtaking state of Hawaii.  Travel is what I love.
I am also a public health nurse and my area for my 17 year career has been working with families.  I am so thankful for my role as the information I get to take part in daily benefits me in being the best parent I can be.  Using my medical and psychology background combined with my travel expertise I am very excited to play your most comfortable, memorable and heart felt vacation ever.
My favourite location: Main St. USA
Places I love to travel to: Dominican Republic, Hawaii, Florida, Muskoka, Michigan
Bucket list trip:  runDisney marathon at both WDW and DL
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